The Kingdom – Part 6 of 6

The Kingdom – Part 6 – Biblical Life Victory Briefing June 2010.

In this month’s video, Dr. Michael K. Lake of Biblical Life College and Seminary ( takes a detailed look at the Kingdom of God and asks these questions: What is the Kingdom of God? Where is the Kingdom of God manifested? How do we enter the Kingdom of God? What is our priority to the Kingdom of God? and How is the Kingdom of God manifested?

These questions are essential if we are to move forward in what God has for His people in 2010 and beyond. Together, we will learn how to allow the Kingdom of God to expand into every area of our lives and families.


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One Response to The Kingdom – Part 6 of 6

  1. Linda Millsaps Jones says:

    Grace and peace, Dr. Lake,
    I was blessed by the Kingdom, part 6 in reference to the anointing of Father God!!!

    When you shared that we are to bless people with not so much as material things but by sharing God’s word and anointing with others, I was impressed and blessed by that revelation.

    Thank you for making the “kingdom” come alive!!!
    God bless and keep you!!!

    In Him,
    Linda Millsaps Jones

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